"Bee's Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. has had a long and prosperous relationship with Smokey Mountain Funding, Inc. They have been a pleasure to do business with and always work hard for every customer. I highly recommend them for financing to any dealer in the Semi trailer Industry."

Gary Bee
Bee's Trailer Sales & Service, Inc


What does Smokey Mountain Funding Inc. do?

Smokey Mountain Funding Inc. is a full service leasing company that specializes in financing a wide range of new and used industrial and commercial equipment.

What equipment types can SMF fund?

  • Titled Equipment (Yes, OTR)
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Point of Sale
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Hospitality
  • Landscaping
  • Signs
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Telecommunications

What types of credit are we looking for?

Smokey Mountain Funding, Inc. has the flexibility and the resources to fund A to C- natured credits. We are generally looking for average to solid credits with two years TIB. However, we have the ability to work with tough industries, damaged credit, collections, and past bankruptcies.

Does the customer take possession of the equipment at the end of the contract?

Yes, 90% of the customers who engage in a contract with SMF want to own the equipment at the end of the lease term. A lease is considered a sale by law and is not considered a loan. If a customer does not want to own the equipment at the end of the contract we can fulfill their needs with the appropriate contract.

How long does an applicant have to be in business for SMF to get them approved?

SMF actively seeks customer that have two or more years of time in business. The longer the time in business of the applicant the easier we are in qualifying their credit.

Can SMF fund new businesses or startups?

Yes, SMF has the ability to fund new business ventures. Personal credit, experience, cash flow, industry, and the deal size all come into play with how much capital we can provide for the potential lessee. Full financials and a detailed equipment description normally accompany the credit application.

Will SMF fund used equipment for our customers?

Yes, depending on the dollar size of the transaction we usually can offer flexible terms from 12-48 months. The industry and the equipment determine how long we can finance the deal for.

What is the maximum term new equipment can be financed for?

In general, new equipment can be financed for 60 months. We can offer 72-month terms for larger deals where it makes sense.

How long is SMF's turnaround time in credit?

24 hours is our normal turnaround on credit decisions. The nature of the deal and the program in which it is going determines what kind of information (bank statements, financials) accompanies the customer's application for credit. When SMF has everything it needs to be sent with the application for credit the turnaround will be 24 hours or less.

How long does it take SMF to pay the vendor associated with the transaction?

When SMF has all necessary paper work in our office, funding occurs within 24-36 hours. We can pay vendors by wire transfer or by overnighting a check. Funding packages include the following: advance check, signed original documents, original bill of sale or invoice, and proof of insurance.

Why businesses lease their equipment instead of paying cash?

Leasing is an instrument that allows customers to purchase the equipment they need to run their business with minimal capital investment. Leasing also provides tax advantages and other benefits, which make it a very attractive choice for today's business owners.